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We happily work remotely with clients around the world via Google Hangouts or Skype!

If you’ve been working in the nonprofit sector or are a new graduate, we can offer a significant discount on pricing.


Assistance Job Searching

This service is for clients who are having a hard time finding jobs for themselves (but do know a general direction/skills they’d like to use) and will happen in two, or more, rounds. The first round (~12-15 roles) includes suitable open roles/positions job postings being added to a personalized Google Doc. After the client assesses the suitability of each role and adds feedback/comments as to why each posting did, or did not, look like a good fit, the next round of searching will be for even more tailored, open roles. Also, a list of specific digital job boards, keywords, filters, and best practices in looking through and vetting positions will be included.

Price: $60 per half hour

Résumé Edit + LinkedIn

A critique of current resume, based on both formatting and content. Recommendations will be made to succinctly describe client’s greatest achievements of their recent positions, relying heavily on data and metrics. This service also includes a LinkedIn review and recommendations.

Price: Final resume, one 30 minute phone call: $140

Management Training

This service is useful for anyone new to management, or clients who are gearing up for a promotion and feel they’d do well with a head-start. Most companies don’t offer formal management training which often set new managers up for a potential to fail. This session will include a framework of how to best transition into management, tips for conducting reviews, how to promote a healthy team culture, and other basic tools to help clients succeed.

Price: $150/hr

Career Guidance & Planning

Clients will work through how to take their dreams, idealist values, passions, and goals and align these into realistic career path(s) and current job postings. A resume edit will start the first session, and then the majority of the first session will be spent working through a list of questions to move into strategically targeting specific industries and roles, keeping in mind concrete logistics and realistic needs. From there, a fair amount of “homework” will be assigned to do before the second session. The second hour is usually spent finalizing the resume and cover letter, and usually either mock interview prep and/or job searching. *This is the most commonly sought service!*

Price: Two 60 minute sessions: $220

Cover Letter Edits/Creation (+Resume/LinkedIn)

The focus will be on helping clients express their personality, showcase their writing skills, and explain what they hope to achieve in this next step of their career (rather than what they’ve already accomplished, which is what résumés are for). A high-level overview resume edit and LinkedIn review will be included with every cover letter creation.

Price: Final CL, final resume/LinkedIn & one 45 minute phone call: $225

Interview Prep, Promotion and/or Salary Negotiation

Interview preparation best practices and tips will be the focus of this session. The client will be in a supportive environment to practice mock interviews, be constructively critiqued, discuss potential interview questions as well as how to best negotiate a salary/compensation and benefits, as well as how to best prepare when asking for a promotion.

Price: $125/hour

*If you need to reschedule a session please do so with more than 48 hours notice, otherwise you’ll be charged for 50%. 

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